रविवार, 17 अक्तूबर 2010

what does stirring up a hornets mean ?

Hornet is a large social stinging wasp that builds large group nests underground or hanging from a tree.It belongs to the family vespidae .It is a black and yellow flying insect that has a very powerful string .
Hornet's nest is a difficult situation in which a lot of people get very angry .Hornet's nest is a highly controversial issue or situation that is likely to lead to confrontation ,opposition or argument .
Stirring up a Hornet's nest metaphorically means to stir a silent /calm /peaceful situation into that filled with rage ,discord (disagreement )or one with chaos (disorder).It also means to provoke the attack of a swarm of spiteful enemies or spirited critics .The metaphor is self explanatory as when one 'stirs a hornet's nest 'the hornets fly out of their nests in a temper and attack the cause of the disturbance . As they chase the person who stirred the nest ,the vaccum left behind by the person who is running away from the scene builds the momentum .
In Hindi the Idiom (Muhavraa )goes like this -"barr ke chhatte main haath daalanaa."

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