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Coming soon ,tripple therapy to make hearts beat stronger

The surgery is like a natural bypass ,wherein , we create alternative vessels from body's own

functions -Dr Mukesh Hariavala


In about 8 weeks ,complete restoration of blood supply is achieved and the patient is unlikely to need repeat surgery in the future


Triple heart therapy will be offered first in Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital as part of a clinical trial .So far the surgery has been successfully carried out on 22 patients worldwide

Tripple Heart therapy is a combination of angiogenesis ,stem cells and bypass surgery , and is done as a single operation

It is best suited for patients with diffuse three-vessel coronary artery disease ,especially diabetics


Angiogenesis is a process ,where new blood vessels are grown on the heart from pre-existing ones .In tripple therapy stimulation is done by lasers on the heart that releases VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor)

Stem cells are derived from the hip bone marrow of the patient .This is filtered during the bypass surgery and injected in the matrix portion of the heart , where laser stimulation is done

Bypass surgery is also carried out at the same time

For the tripple heart surgery , a hybrid suite having a combination of cath lab and operation theatre is required

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