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Do you believe in astrology ?Do you think planetary aspects affect our life ?

आग की तरह फैला दो इस वीडियो को......

  1. मोदी नाम पे कितना हल्ला ,

    सावधान रहना तुम लल्ला ,

    सेकुलर बैठे घात लगाए ,

    इनसे बचके रहना लल्ला।

    16 सितम्बर 2013

    मोदी बनाम अडवाणी
    मोदी के सर ताज है,अडवाणी कंगाल।
    खुद का बोया काटते,काहे करें मलाल ?
    काहे करें मलाल,बताया जिन्ना सेकुलर।
    तिकड़म सब बेकार, रहे ना हिन्दू कट्टर।
    अब काहे रिरियांय,फसल जो पहले बो दी।
    कट्टरता का खेत, काटने आए मोदी।।

    प्रस्तुतकर्ता संतोष त्रिवेदी
    लेबल: अडवाणी, कुण्डलियाँ, भाजपा, मोदी

Faith in Astrology 

The configuration of stars does have a minor influence in our lives .It is a part of God's design for dishing out our prarabdh ,(प्रारब्ध )or the results of our past karmas.The subject of astrology attempts to predict this influence of stars .Regarding astrology ,the first thing to bear in mind is that the predictions are only partially accurate .

Astronomy is an observational science the predictional part of astronomy is called astrology .There is no uniform methodology for making predictions .Some are carrying the calculations with nine planets others with twelve .Even though astronomy no longer considers Pluto as a planet ,being smaller than the moon it is now termed as a planetoid .

Khushvant singhji says what quackery is to medicine so is astrology to astronomy .So be it .

The second point is that ,we always have the freedom to act in the present .This freedom permits us to change our destiny ,with sufficient self -effort.The problem with studying astrology is that it makes us fatalistic .We lose focus on our self effort ,or purusharth.Hence Chanakya Pandit said :

nirutsahaddaivam patitah

निरुत्साहाद्दैवं पतित : 

"If you are torpid (sluggish lacking physical or mental energy),you will fail despite the best of destiny ."

उत्साहावतां शत्रवो अपि वशीभवन्ति। 

"If your endeavor is sufficient ,you can transform bad destiny into success ." 

Thus ,rather than allowing the configuration of your stars to linger on your mind ,put your heart and soul into your present efforts .

ॐ शान्ति 

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