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Referring Others :Chiropractic care

 Referring Others :Chiropractic care 

I  thank you for your voices :thank you : Your most  sweet   voices.


Your Voice can Heal 

इंशा अल्लाह यह आलेख हिंदी में भी आना चाहिए :दो मीठे बोल आपके किसी की ज़िन्दगी का रुख बदल सकतें हैं .आपकी बिन मांगी सलाह उन्हें रास भी आ सकती है . 

Ever  listen to people's conversations on the street or in the restaurants? So much of it is about the drugs they are taking .So much of it is about diseases that don't go away or suffering that will not end .A few words from you might change their lives.

Who Told You About Chiropractic ?

What would  your health be like if your spine were never adjusted ? If someone never told you about chiropractic ?Would you be living on drugs ? Facing surgery ?

Fortunately , someone did tell you about chiropractic and you were brave enough to explore the world of natural health care and subluxation correction .In doing so ,you have joined the many millions of people who have found relief from dis-ease and regained their health under safe ,natural drug -free chiropractic care.

Some of your relatives and friends have never gotten their spines checked.

Millions  Regain Their Health

Many  millions of people have regained their health under chiropractic care.Many are alive today because of chiropractic.How many people would be swallowing pills  while continuing to live with pain and disease were it not for their chiropractic care ? To these millions ,going in for chiropractic spinal adjustment is as natural as going to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup .

Why Live On Drugs ?

When chiropractic enthusiasts see others -friends ,relatives , perhaps strangers -living on pills and other medicines ,they say :"Why live in pain ?Are not you frustrated by the medical approach  ? Are not you tired of being sick and tired ? Why don't you see my chiropractor ?"

Why Don't you See My Chiropractor ? 

It  is possible some of your friends and relatives have never gotten their spines checked for health damaging vertebral subluxations (spinal nerve stress )that a chiropractor could easily correct .The answer to their health problems may be literally around the corner , down the block or across the street .They may never have the good fortune of having someone suggest that they see a doctor of chiropractic .

"Me First ," "No,Me First"-Kids Love Chiropractic 

When we see families coming in for their periodic spinal checkups and adjustments(if needed ),one of the most enjoyable sights is watching children racing to see who will get adjusted first.

"Me first ," 'No ,me first ."How many doctor visits have a scene like that ?The fact is ,kids usually love chiropractic care .And we love having kids come in for care .

A Drug -Free Option For Children 

Chiropractic's success with children is   well documented .One of the best things about chiropractic is that it presents children with a drug -free option when it comes to health care .

When you explore non -drug alternatives , you are teaching children that drugs don 't have to be the answer .You  are showing them that it is possible to use and improve your natural self -healing ability and they can too .

What a great message to give a child !

You Took That First Step ......

.............and entered the world of chiropractic -the natural ,safe ,drug -less healing art that has saved so many people from drugs ,surgery and suffering.Will you tell others?

Will you bestow on others the good luck that has been yours ?Are your family members spines being ignored ,while your spine is getting healthier?

But please don't say things that will scare off the very people you are trying to help such as  "I always tell my friends that if you crack them they 'll feel better ."Ugh !!Telling people that the chiropractor will "crack " their necks or their backs or "break "and "crunch "their bones is not only scary ,it is wrong.Doctors of chiropractors (D.C.) spend more than four years ,studying anatomy ,physiology ,spinal bio -mechanics ,neurology ,myology and many other subjects in order to deliver a precise ,scientific ,artistic spinal adjustment to relieve spinal subluxations.

Tell Someone You Care About 

Please pass the message to someone you know who is suffering that chiropractic can awaken their health potential .After all ,someone told you  .....

Tell someone you care about to explore chiropractic ,the natural healthcare alternative.

In Conclusion

No matter what disease or condition you have ,you can benefit from a healthy spine.Spinal health can be as important for your over all healing as proper nutrition .Are you and your family carrying the vertebral subluxation complex in your spines ?Only a chiropractor spinal checkup can tell .Among the many things that contribute to your health are the quality of air ,food and water you take in : how you handle emotional stress : your inherited weakness and strengths:your use of drugs :exercise and realaxation .And a healthy spine is absolutely essential.In some people it is a major factor and can make the difference between a life of health ,strength and vitality and a life of disease ,weakness and disability.

A  healthy spine has improved your life .Please don't keep chiropractic a secret -tell others.

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