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Got milk ?Limit it to 2 cups

Got milk ?Limit it to 2 cups 

Young children who drink cow's milk should be limited to 2 cups a 

day ,according to a study published in Pediatrics .Researchers 

assessed the amount of milk that more than 1,300 children ages 2 


5 drank .They found that drinking two cups of milk was sufficient 

to maintain their vitamin D levels without decreasing their iron

stores .

More than that amount can lower the children's supply iron supply ,

but less may not provide enough vitamin D. 


Young children who have contact with dogs and cats are healthier than those who don't ,according to a study published in Pediatrics .

Researchers followed nearly 400 children from pregnancy to their first birthdays .The study determined that those who lived with a dog or cat ,or had frequent contact with pets ,had fewer respiratory and ear infections than children who did not have such a contact . 

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