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सवाल आपकी सेहत ज़वाब माहिरों के ( आखिरी क़िस्त ) ?कैसे चाक चौबंद बनाये रहे इम्यून सिस्टम को ?

 सवाल आपकी सेहत  ज़वाब  माहिरों के ( आखिरी क़िस्त )

?कैसे  चाक चौबंद बनाये रहे इम्यून सिस्टम को ?

उत्तर :

Don't skip the flu shot 

By far your best defense against catching the flu is getting the annual influenza vaccine ,which is why I'm surprised each year at the number of people who don't get it .The vaccine gets your immune system ready for battle in case you do get exposed to the flu.One common myth  is that the flu shot can infect you with the flu ,but that is simply not true .An inactivated flu virus that is not infectious is introduced into your system ,allowing the body to develop antibodies to the influenza virus during the days and weeks after vaccination .If you  end up coming into contact with the flu ,these antibodies have built up and are ready to fight it off effectively .

What is an antibody ?

An antibody is a protein produced by the body's immune system when it detects harmful substances, called 

antigens. Examples of antigens include microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses) and 


Antibodies may be produced when the immune system mistakenly considers healthy tissue a harmful 

substance. This is called an autoimmune disorder.

Each type of antibody is unique and defends the body against one specific type of antigen.

Can you still get the flu after getting 

vaccinated ?

The answer is yes ,as each annual vaccine is 

designed to protect against what is predicted 

to be the most common influenza virus .

So the vaccine is no guarantee you 'll avoid 


flu ,but it does greatly reduce the risk and if 

you do "catch "the flu ,your symptoms will 

likely be less serious . Remember the sooner 

you can get vaccinated ,the better you 'll be 

protected as influenza begins to spread during 

the fall and early winter months.With rare 

exceptions ,the flu vaccine is recommended 

for everyone older than 6 months of age .

Illness is inevitable 

Even when you make it a daily priority to build 

up your immune system ,the reality is that you 

're going to get sick with the common cold 

from time to time .In fact ,worrying about this 

possibility or becoming a full fledged 

"germphobe "will actually increase your stress 

levels and just may lead to a prolonged bout 

with the cold or flu .If you get sick ,continue to 

do the things that optimize your immune 

system and focus on things that feel healthy to 

you :Get plenty of rest ,enjoy a soothing bowl 

of chicken soup or a cup of hot tea ,and 

remember that your body needs time ,since 

many colds last seven to ten days and a cough 

can linger even longer .Given that colds and 

flu are going to happen ,keeping your immune 

system healthy and in balance is your best 

defense .

Reference material :Travis Stork ,M.D.;is a 

board -certified emergency room physician 

and the host of the Emmy Award -winning TV 

series 'The Doctors ."The New York Times 

best-selling author of The Lean Belly 

Prescription and the The Doctor Is In :A 7 -

Step Prescription for Optimal Wellness ,Dr 

Stork graduated Magna Cum Laude from 

Duke University as a member of Phi Beta 

Kappa and earned his M.D.with honors from 

the University of Virginia. 

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