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Be the family that plays together

YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK ANY further than the mirror to identify your child's main role model.

Children naturally mimic their parents -and that includes their attitude toward exercise .

If you want your child to be more active ,you can't just talk the talk .You need to walk the walk .And run the run .And bike the bike .

Studies show that children are more likely to exercise if their family and friends are interested in physical activity .

Exercise as a family to make fitness fun and ensure that everyone is getting the recommended level of activity they need .Children ages 6 to 17 should get  at least an hour of physical activity everyday ,according to the U.S .Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention ;adults require about half of that .

Besides the obvious physical benefits from exercise ,such as increased endurance and strength and maintaining a healthy weight ,active children are generally more confident and more likely to be successful both in their daily school work and on standardized tests .

Here are some activities for the whole family to try :

(1) Walk the dog together .

(2) Bike or walk to a neighborhood park .

(3)Take an exercise class designed for the entire family ,such as yoga or aerobics.

(4)Go to the swimming club as a family .

(5) Walk  to the nearby  temple together.

(6) Split up into teams for a game of basketball ,soccer or kickball .

(7 )Any other activity which the family can do together you like as a family .

Teach your kids the jump rope games from your youth .

(8) Play catch with a baseball ,softball or Frisbee .(THROWING OF DISC)

(9)Compete an exercise based video game ,such as Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution .

(10 )Go for an outdoor scavenger hunt for natural objects such as leaves of different colors .It is fall .The leaves are wearing all the colors .

Make physical activity as much a part of your family's daily habit as eating dinner together .That way exercise will be just another part -maybe even the most enjoyable part -of your family routine .

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