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With World Diabetes Day having gone by recently ,experts give 

ways to deal with one of the biggest lifestyle diseases......


India has over 60 million diabetics between 20-79 years and this number is steadily rising .

By 2030 ,diabetes may jump to 101 million ,according to the International Diabetes Fedeartion.


A new study has revealed that higher overall acidity of the diet ,increases the risk of Type 2

diabetes(T2B).most fruits such as peaches ,apples ,pears ,bananas and oranges are said to reduce dietry

acid load once the body has processed them.

Have a deskbound job that has you sitting for over six hours at a stretch ?Have you been leading a very sedentary lifestyle and done nothing about it so far ?Well ,sit up and smell the proverbial coffee ,or  in this case ,get out and get that adrenalin going.An inactive life ,which involves lack   of exercise and poor calorie management ,is one of the biggest contributor to the dreaded disease of diabetes ."India is facing an epidemic of diabetes .At  present ,confirmed diabetes patients in India are 67 million ,with another 30 million  in prediabetes group.By 2030 ,India will have the largest number of patients in the world .Diabetes is not only a blood sugar problem ,but brings along other complications  as well ,"warns Dr Arun Bal, diabetic foot surgeon .


It's not just the vision ,diabetes takes a severe toll on the heart too ."The incidence of heart disease is increaisng at a rapid rate .It was 1.09 % in the 1950s ,increased to 9.7 % in 1990 ,and 11% by 2000.This rising trend will   make India the heart disease capital of the world ,"warns interventional cardiologist ,Dr Suresh Vijan ."Indians face a dual risk of heart disease and diabetes .The risk of death due to  myocardial infarction is three times higher in daibetics as compared with non -diabetics .Life expectancy too is reduced by 3o% in diabetics as compared to non -diabetics ;this translates into a loss of 8 years of life ."The culprit ?Increased consumption of dense -rich foods along with increasing sedentary lifestyle has increased the incidence of diabetes and heart disease ,"he says .

How it's treated :

Adopting a healthy lifestyle with more activity will reduce the incidence of diabetes and heart disease .Try walking each day or do some cardio activity ,after consulting your doctor .


Bariatric and metabolic surgery can be recommoneded as an early intervention in obese subjects with T2D if intensive lifestyle interventions fail to achieve significant weight loss ,says bariatric surgeon ,Dr Abhay Agarwal .'Recent publications have confirmed that substantial and durable weight loss is achieved by current surgical procedures (Stapling of stomach and Gastric Bypass and DJB ) in subjects with T2D ,"he states. 

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