गुरुवार, 29 जनवरी 2015

What is this "I am "in I am so and so ?

In 'I am ' so and so ,I am is 'Krishna' ,the Supreme reality and 'so and so' is Arjuna ,the confused  embodied one .Focus on more and more on this 'pure I am ',the one without a gender ,(the Purush ),without a color and form and you will become Brahaman .This I am is the underlying unity in all the beings and is the same in all .So and so creates the differences.

'I am 'is the ultimate truth the Purush .Purush is one who lives in this city (body )with nine gates (two eyes ,two years ,two nostrils ,a mouth(and or tongue ),anus (the organ of excretion )and the organ of creation .The Purush is without a gender the embodied ,so and so is with a gender a Male and or a Female .This Purush at the individual level is the Jiva (Jiva atma ,atman )and at the Cosmic level Atma(Parmatma ).

The embodied is finite but this 'I am ' the purush is infinite existence ,all knowledge and all bliss .

Satyam Gyanam Anantam .Existence which is all knowledge and all pervading and is the substratum of all the beings .

Drop this so and so and see only I  am and become infinite ,eternal existence which is all pervading .

Jai Shri Krishna .