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Why the "i " in the iLASIK is YOU!

Combining the industry's most advanced LASIK technologies into one premium brand , the iLASIK procedure comprises more than $ 4 billion and a decade in research ,development and technologies acquisition  .The iLASIK procedure is 100% custom -fit for you and your eyes , offering outstanding safety through reduced flap complications and better visual outcomes.

Step One :

Step One: iLASIK advancements address the 
uniqueness of your two eyes, from the individual 
curvature of your corneas, to the microscopic nuances 
of your anatomy, with the goal of delivering the exact 
correction you need. Iris Registration and WaveScan™
3D Mapping create a blueprint (or fingerprint) of your 
eye, allowing your surgeon to custom-fit the iLASIK 

procedure for each of your eyes. 

Step Two: Two lasers are used in the iLASIK procedure instead of just one. The first, ultra-fast laser 
creates a thin corneal flap, which is then folded back to allow the second laser to correct your vision based on 
the exact specification / measurement of your eye(s). It takes just minutes and patients experience a quick, 

virtually painless procedure with immediate results. 

Step Three: Final post-op visits are 
conducted and then you are free to resume your 
active lifestyle, with the potential for 20/20* or 

better vision. 

The iLASIK procedure removes the veil of confusion in 
LASIK advertising. Patients now can find all of the most 
advanced laser vision correction technologies available 

today under the banner of one premium procedure.

* Results may vary. 98% of mild-to-moderately nearsighted patients participating in the 

Advanced CustomVue™ Clinical Trials could see 20/20 or better one year after treatment.

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