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What are Chakras and Chakra Alignments ?


Chakra, which means "wheels" in Sanskrit, are points of energy running along our spine. Ancient Hindus formulated that there were seven of these energy wheels, each a different color and spinning in a clockwise direction. Interestingly enough, the spacing of chakras actually matches major nerve or endocrine centers in the body.


The human body has many chakras, however we will focus on the seven major chakras that are located along the center of the body.

(First Chakra) The Root chakra is located at the genitals on the front of the body, and the base of the spine, the coccyx or tailbone of the back. The center is the sexual/genital area, the gateway of birth and the  reproductive organs.

(Second Chakra) The Belly chakra is frontally located in the lower abdomen, between the root chakra and the navel. The chakra is rooted in the spinal column at the first lumbar vertebra, and  it corresponds to the ovaries in women and spleen in men.

(Third Chakra) The Solar Plexus chakra is located just above the navel below the center breast bone. It’s spinal location is at the eighth thoracic vertebra. This chakra corresponds to the adrenals, pancreas, and stomach.

(Fourth Chakra) The Heart chakra is located between the breasts, in the center of the breastbone; at the back its location is the first thoracic vertebra between and below the shoulder blades. This chakra corresponds with the Thymus, Heart, and Circulation.

(Fifth Chakra) The Throat chakra is located in the front at the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone, with its spiral rooted in the third cervical vertebras at the back, the spine at the base of the skull. This chakra corresponds to the Thyroid, Lungs, Ears, Nose and Throat.

(Sixth Chakra) The Third Eye chakra is frontally just above and between the physical eyes, and at the first cervical vertebra of the spine at the back.  This chakra corresponds to the eyes and pituitary gland.

(Seventh Chakra) The Crown chakra physical front and back location is at the top of the head, slightly to the back. This chakra corresponds to the pineal and pituitary gland.

First Chakra (Root) color is Red

Second Chakra (Belly ) is Orange 

Third Chakra (Solar plexus ) color is Yellow

Fourth Chakra (Heart )color is Green Or Rose

Fifth Chakra  (Throat )color is Light Blue

Sixth Chakra (Third Eye ) color is Indigo (dark blue)

Seventh Chakra (Crown )color is Purple 

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