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Kundalini Awakening Systems 1 (SEX)

Sex can be a doorway or a gate for the increased flow of Kundalini. When experienced with love and inside of a Tantric format it can be a very

Sex can be a doorway or a gate for the increased flow of Kundalini. When experienced with love and inside of a Tantric format it can be a very powerful event. Your conscious reality can become shattered. And you may find yourself in an unfamiliar place and this of course can encourage fear.
Sexual congress with a Kundalini active or interested person can activate a person very quickly and if done so with out any of the balances that we do here the person can become very extreme in their experience with the Kundalini and often fearful to the point of paranoia and psychosis. This may earn them a trip to visit the local psyche ward.
Sex can be one of the closest physical reflections of the divine two that are one. I would suggest that in the context of the Kundalini never have sex without love and without the understanding of what is occurring when you do have sex.
Sex isn't just for the creation of a new life. That is one of the functions. It is also used for the creation and installation of a new phase of existence in an extant life. i.e. the Kundalini upon the human being. Many who have a hard experience with the Kriyas have often been activated by a sexual experience. No conditioning or balances and wham! There they go. So it can be difficult.
My views on sex from where I am now are that it is to be experienced with in the parameters of love as a conscious celebration of the two that are one. Always. From a Kundalini perspective the male should retain his semen. He should not ejaculate and allow the semen to be reversed into the spinal channels and from there through out the body.
Not everyone has this happen though. Just like the Kriyas they are an individual experience and yours will not necessarily be mine. So it is also with the GFA. Genital Fluidic Ascendance. As the semen rises and connects to the spinal channels it gets circulated into the endocrine system and the nervous system. It can be an automatic function of the Kundalini and it feels as if there is a tugging of the Vas Deferens of the seminal conduits that connect to the testicle. I can actually feel it being reversed and circulated. So can anyone. It is odd at first but so are most of the Kundalini phenomena.
Women can feel it as a similar tugging and a pull. And up the feminine secretions go! So it is important to be open and allowing of these events to occur. For a man keep your semen. For a woman let the secretions be taken.

Sexual behaviors will be expressed

Kundalini and sexual expression are inextricably connected. An infused first and second chakra will hyper stimulate hormonal production and influence emotional and sexual behaviors. Yes the hormones are in the driver’s seat for a time until that aspect of the infusion process has been completed. Same with a decreased libido as an absence of hormonal hyper expression is just the other side of the coin.
Sexual behaviors will be expressed, and not always those of the common and accepted formats as, depending on the individual's emotional disposition and level of surrender or resistance, these can reflect areas of imbalance. And the behaviors will follow suit.
In the world of Kundalini expression normal experience can be extremely altered. Many experiences can carry a far different and unique meaning and or experience for the Kundalini infused person. Kundalini can blend realities and worlds and so it is best to have an open and inquisitive perspective to all of the phenomena and natural expressions of this force.
Infusion of Kundalini upon the personality and the emotions and yes the body, including the sexual aspects, are real and can determine, in very real ways, the level of expression that can be experienced in the day to day existence. It is healthy and necessary to discuss these subjects.
Having the Kundalini take away a libido is just as much an expressed phenomena of the infusion as having it intensified. Both aspects are commonly experienced and nothing is wrong. In society sometimes a personality will assert importance to the sexual functioning’s as a descriptor of ego based belief constructs that have very little to do with reality.
These will only have relevance for those holding on to the ego inside of the infusion which in and of itself can block certain expressions. Far better to move forward into the Kundalini and surrender all or as much as possible no matter how many taboo subjects are introduced or come up in the process. 


The term "BDSM" is an abbreviation derived from the terms bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.
Sometimes those with an active second chakra will be lead by their appetites into new levels of sensual expression. I counsel against this in that it can bring a painful experience which is the point I know but also for the discarnate attachments that can also manifest. Entities flock to these types of control games and self abuse.
An active second chakra is a powerful experience and if we allow our passions and appetites to control us we can become ensnared in the narcissistic aspects of searching always for the next horizon of physical pleasure. Often to the degradation of the spiritual and ethical pursuits. Though please do not feel I am making a value judgment here. I have experienced an overactive and very vibrant second chakra activation and one can become driven by the need to satisfy this never ending hunger.
So if you are feeling the urge to hurt yourself as a path way towards sexual excitement I counsel you to do some aerobics instead. If you are feeling pulled to participate in some dangerous or hurtful sexual expressions I counsel against falling prey to the ego in this way. Do not follow these desires if you can at all help it - and you can.

Have sex

But always with the thought and intention of reaching into the heart of God. See that representation inside the eyes of your partner. The touch, taste, smell, and sight of God is joined with you. You are and they are two aspects of the one being.

Always give for the honor and pleasure of Goddess/God connected to you. You give for them. With tantra let it be a ceremony of flesh for the exaltation of spirit in flesh for the disappearance of flesh into the blending of the consciousness of God/Goddess & Goddess/God.

Kundalini is the culmination of that gift. Whether or not it has been sought that way.

Don’t have sex....

If the Kundalini in you takes away your libido. Do not try to influence the Kundalini with regards to the physical expression of passion. Do not take drugs to bypass a Kundalini induced period of sexual abstinence.

Remember your surrender.

Do not masturbate from boredom. Allow other activities that are not sexual based to fill your days and nights. Kundalini has its agenda and this is a fact. Whether or not you understand this agenda isn’t the issue. Remember your surrender and do not abrogate it.

When having sex....

Keep the eyes in the upward position.

The partner who is the Shiva allows the partner who is the Shakti to "dance upon the platform that is the Shiva."

The Shiva is still and allows the dance to be given.

The Shakti is expressive and her dance is for love of God upon whom she is dancing. Pleasure is a mere by product.

Shiva does not orgasm. He takes her essences into his body and nurtures them there.

Shakti does orgasm and she gives of her copious love into the Shiva flowing it to him as he accepts in stillness.

blessings all - chrism

"Sex can be one of the closest physical reflections of the divine two that are one. I would suggest that in the context of the Kundalini never have sex without love and without the understanding of what is occurring when you do have sex."

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