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Scientists device wonder wipes to clean off radiation

Scientists device wonder wipes to clean off radiation

(1)Scientists claim the wipe can remove over 95%of the contamination

(2)The wipes come in small packing along with a sealed disposal zipper bag so that the contamination does not spread further after a wipe is used

(3)The decontamination wipe causes no skin toxicity and has been found to be safe , effective and non-irritant

(9) The 5cmx 5cm  wipes will cost rupees ten per piece .

They look like the facial wipes available in the market ,but what makes them different is that they are meant to clean off radioactive material from the body during a nuclear disaster .

Developed by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),the unique decontamination wipe is catching the attention of vendors who cater to NATO forces .

Scientists working on it claim the wipe developed at the DRDO Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) here ,can remove over 95% of the contamination .

At Rupees 10 ,the 5cm x5 cm wipe - the size of a face wipe  is easy to use and dispose of. According to the scientists these decontamination wipes will be useful for people working in nuclear plants and those living around them , as also during any nuclear disaster like what happened at Fukushima in Japan .

"This is one -of- a kind product not known to have been developed by anyone else ," R.K.Sharma of  INMAS 'S CBRN(Chemical ,Biological ,Radiological and Nuclear ) division ,said in an interview.

"The decontamination procedure with the use of soap and water removes most of the external contaminants .But the accidental release of a number of radio-isotopes in the environment could contaminate water also ,thereby limiting its availability or sometimes it may be scarce ," he said .

           In view of this the self usable skin decontamination wipe has been developed for immediate application after the release of the contaminant , "Sharma added .

Named radio-decontamination wipes ,the project costs Rs 495 ,000 and INMAS has already initiated the process for patenting the technology.

Note please :

Radiation hazards has developed into a separate discipline .Radiation dose a little over 100 rads becomes lethal .

rads ,stands for radiation absorbed dose .

rad is a unit formerly used to measure the level of ionizing radiation absorbed by something , equal to 0.01 joule per kilogram of irradiated material .

rem is a unit for measuring amounts of radiation ,equal to the effect that one roentgen of X-rays or gamma rays would produce in a human being .Full form of rem is roentzen equivalent in man

roentgen (symbol R )  is also a unit or radiation , used to measure the exposure of somebody or something to X-rays and gamma rays ,defined in terms of the ionizing effect on air .

A unit is always written in small letters whereas the name of a scientist in capitals e.g  roentzen is the name of the unit or radiation after the scientist Roentzen.

A minimum dose of radiation (threshold ) is considered as safe dose of radiation that  causes no damage to our body .Ionizing effects of radiation causes the damage at the cellular level as our cells have a  small binding energy of about  0.5 eV which the ionizing radiation (X-rays ,gamma rays ,alpha particles etc) can  easily break when given  in a minimum dose to do so which exceeds the minimum admissible dose .That is the reason the Neutron bomb is considered  the most lethal and being  deployable as a tactical weapon .

Nagasaki and Hiroshima both have left a generation with genetic damage and mutations .(1945 JuL,Au

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