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Is a twisted criminal mind different from ours ?

Grey matters

Aforeign national raped .A widow's throat slit .Is  a twisted criminal mind different from ours ? A neuroscientist explains.

(Third installment  )

In a strange research project ,Fallon decided to study his own brain and realised it resembled that of a psychopath .'

"Like a psychopath ,I am charming and sociable ,but lack empathy .I 'm now on emotional engagement .I don't care too much about people .I might talk into doing dangerous things ,and will love to beat you at games .But I,m not a criminal ,"Fallon clarifies..His risk -taking behavior , a constant throughout his life ,was a sign .Fallon the time he took his then 16 -year -old son fishing in Kenya ,close to a sign that read 'Beware of Lions',while the rest of the family stayed put in the car .

      what,s protected him from funky biology ,he argues ,is his solid upbringing ."My immediate environment was so controlled that I was never exposed to street violence ,or challenged or abused .Earlier ,I believed that genes and brain function decided everything about who we become .But I have realised that it's our childhood that makes all the difference ."

So what 's the lesson in this ?"Raise your children well ,"he says.

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