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हम समाज विरोधी बनेंगे या समाज सहाय ?( 2)

 हम समाज  विरोधी   बनेंगे  या  समाज   सहाय ?(  2)

Of the 20 -odd genes related to aggression and violence ,Fallon found that the MAO-A gene ,also called the Warrior Gene ,was most commonly found among psycopaths.'

Psycopaths are persons who have a mental illness that may cause them to hurt themselves or other people.

"People born with the high -risk version of this gene suffer from irregularities of the mood regulating chemical serotonin , in the brain ,And so ,their brain doesn't respond to serotonin's calming effects .In some cases ,in the womb ,the MAO-A gene can cause a flooding of serotonin, in the brain , thereby desensitising the brain to its effects in later life ," says Fallon .Since this gene is transmitted  from mother to child through the X-chromosome ,it is always active in men -who have only one X-chromosome -if they inherit it .

serotonin is a biochemical which acts as a transmitter where it forms and may effect the emotional state of a person .Broadly these biochemicals produced in the brain are called neurotransmitters .

You know a man is an X-Y individual while a female an X-X only .

While Fallon levels those who inherit this gene ,"born killers ",he has cracked the rider on which the Warrior Gene operates ."If the child experiences something traumatic before his teens , or undergoes abuse ,the worst side of this gene kicks in ."

That said ,Fallon doesn't believe violence on TV or cinema can set off the alarm ,although they are often referred as 'triggers 'for crimes."Put them in four -dimensional environment -the real world -and that's when it matters ,"he says .


The other distinguishing feature,Fallon found ,was the orbital cortex , a region in the frontal lobes of the brain involved in cognitive processing of decision -making .Resting in the area above the eye sockets,it's responsible for ethical behavior ,moral choices and impulse control .This was not functioning in psycopathic brains .But again ,Fallon stresses warped (distorted )brain chemistry which predispose you to aggressive behavior cab be offset by sound upbringing .What better example than Fallon himself who's   family tree is racked with seven murderers?

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