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Dark Secrets of Muslim Nehru Family Tree

Dark Secrets of Muslim Nehru Family Tree

Dark Secrets of Muslim Nehru Family Tree
(1) Jawahar Lal Nehru’s parents were Mobarak Ali Ghazi and Swarup Rani. Mobarak died, so Swarup married Motilal Nehru. Motilal Nehru became step-father of Jawahar Lal. Jawahar’s wife Kamla Nehru died of tu...berculosis. Their only daughter was Indira Nehru, whom we do not know as Indira Khan was married to Feroz Khan. Congress Party and Mahatma Gandhi asked Indira Khan to adopt Gandhi as her surname to hide shame. Who is this Feroz? He was the Nehru family's kirana store guy's son who used to supply them groceries in their home named Anand Bhavan (previously known as Ishrat Manzil). In Indian context, the paternal grandfather is deemed to be more important. Then why do we only hear about Jawahar Lal Nehru who was Rajiv Gandhi's maternal grandfather, and never about his paternal grandfather? We do not even know his name! Considering the history of the family and their socio-political stature in the country.
(2) Rajiv Gandhi's paternal grandfather was Nawab Khan, a Muslim who married a Parsi (surname Gandhy - associated with Parsis) woman after getting her converted to Islam for marriage. This is why the myth about Rajiv being a Parsi was derived. Therefore, Rajiv's father was actually Feroz Khan before marrying Indira against her mother's wishes. His name was changed to Feroz Gandhi before his marriage with Indira using an affidavit. Now how did Indira Nehru get married to Feroz Khan, being the daughter of the Prime Minister, especially in a conservative Indian society? Indira Nehru used to study in Shantiniketan University started by Rabindra Nath Tagore. She was expelled for her misdemeanor. Indira went to England when her father Jawahar was too busy in politics and illicit sex. In England, where their grocer's son Feroz was present at that time, she changed her religion to Islam and got married to Feroz Khan.
(3) Upon this, realizing that it would not be positive for Congress Party, Mahatma Gandhi ordered Jawahar Lal Nehru to get Feroz's name changed to Feroz Gandhi. Now, only the name was changed and not the religion. And for public consumption, an institutional vedic marriage was mocked. Such an inter religious and inter caste marriage was not allowed by law at that time. So in reality, Indira was never married to Feroz. Indira had only one child with Feroz, Rajiv, thereafter they both lived separately, and Feroz died of reasons unknown.
(4) Then where did Sanjay Gandhi come from? He was Rajiv's brother, or Indira's son. Sanjay Gandhi was actually Sanjiv, rhyming with Rajiv. He was born when Indira Gandhi had illicit sexual relationship with Mohammad Yunus. Sanjay was even circumcised according to Muslim traditions. His name was changed to Sanjay upon being charged with theft in England and being given a new passport under political influence from Jawahar Lal Nehru.
(5) Now Sanjay made Menaka, a sikh girl who was a model, pregnant. Her father colonel Anand forced Sanjay to marry her. Indira Gandhi changed Menaka's name to Maneka. Menaka meaning dancer in Lord Indira's court did not appeal to Indira Gandhi. Mohammad Yunus cried the most, publicly, upon Sanjay Gandhi's death in a plane crash because he was his biological father. Both Sanjay and Rajiv Gandhi were bastards. And their mother Indira Gandhi gave birth to two kids with different fathers, without being married. Further Rajiv Gandhi went to UK and fell in love with Sania Maino (Italian). To get married to her, Rajiv changed his religion and became a Catholic, changed name to Roberto. They gave birth to Bianka and Raul. Quite cleverly these names are presented to the public as Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul.
The surprise of surprises, Rajiv, even though he was a Catholic, was cremated as per Vedic rites in India.
Nehru’s Family Tree (Source: http://mithhilarora.blogspot.in/2010/02/dark-secrets-of-india.html

Book exposes late Indian Prime Minister's (Indira Gandhi) personal life secrets.

well have heard abt all this!!!seems straight out of the tv serials.. changing names/religions..each one to his own name(s)/religion(s)[lol]this is the state of our politicians who in their own words are idols of the nation.. this two...

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    Jawahar's wife Kamla Nehru died of tu...berculosis. Their only daughter was Indira Nehru, whom we do not know as Indira Khan was married to Feroz Khan.
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