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दूर तलक पीछा करती है बचपन को मिली बद-सुलूकी

Bullying affects health and wealth even after 40 years 

दूर तलक पीछा करती है बचपन को मिली बद-सुलूकी 

साइंसदानों ने पता लगाया है उम्र के पांचवे दशक में भी बचपन में हुई बद-

सुलूकी भुगतने पड़ सकते हैं अवसाद की सौगात के रूप में। सर्वव्यापी 

जीवन के हर पड़ाव और क्षेत्र पर इसका लगातार असर बना रह सकता है 

एक दीर्घकालिक शोध कार्य के यही नतीजे निकलें हैं पढ़िए विस्तार से 


आशय की रपट : 

LONDON: The negative impact of childhood bullying has now been found to impact people well beyond their teens. It is even evident nearly 40 years later, according to a new King's College London research. 

The study published on Friday tracked 7,771 children whose parents provided information on their exposure to bullying when they were aged 7 and 11. The children were then followed up until the age of 50. "Our study shows that the effects of bullying are still visible nearly four decades later. The impact is persistent and pervasive , with health, social and economic consequences lasting well into adulthood,'' said Ryu Takizawa, lead author of the study. 

Just over a quarter of children in the study (28%) had been bullied occasionally , and 15% bullied frequently — similar to rates in the UK today. Louise Arseneault from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College said, "We need to move away from any perception that bullying is just an inevitable part of growing-up . We must be aware that what happens in the school playground can have long-term repercussions for children.'' 

At 50, individuals bullied as children were at an increased risk of depression and suicidal thoughts. They were likely to have lower educational levels and also more likely to be unemployed and earning less. 

  1. Times of India ‎- by Kounteya Sinha ‎- 8 hours ago
    The negative impact of childhood bullying has now been found to impact people well beyond their teens. It is even evident nearly 40 years later ...

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बिलकुल सही है ...कई बड़े भी बच्चों से इस तरह
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