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स्मरणीय हीरा ,'अपनों 'की राख का स्मारक

स्मरणीय हीरा ,'अपनों 'की राख का स्मारक 

अस्थिकलश से स्मरणीय हीरे तक का सफर 

पैसे से आदमी क्या नहीं कर सकता। अपने प्रियजनों के देह अवशेषों को  (देह के अंत )के बाद उनकी राख गंगा में न बहाकर उसे आर्डर पर मनमाफिक हीरे में बदलवा सकता है। 

आखिर प्रकृति में ये काम चुपके चुपके होता है। समुन्दर के नीचे तेल जीवाश्मों के गहरे दफन हो जाने पर निरंतर गहराई के साथ बढ़ते अतिशय दाब और अतिशय ताप पर तेल में (क्रूड आइल )बदल जाता है।  

खानों में पैदा कोयला लोहा और सोना भी इसी कुदरती प्रक्रिया की देन  

हैं   .अलबत्ता इसमें लाखों लाख साल लगते हैं लेकिन लेब में काम जल्दी हो जाता है चंद महीनों में ही। 

हाड्रोजन के बाद प्रकृति में सबसे ज्यादा बहुलता में कार्बन ही पाया जाता है।हमारे शरीर का तकरीबन १८ %भाग कार्बन ही है।  इसके अनेक अपरूप हैं। आँखों का काजल भी कार्बन है कोयला और डॉयमंड भी कार्बन हैं। काजल इतना मुलायम के आँखों में समा जाए और हीरा सबसे कठोर ,उच्चतम द्रवणअंक वाला धातु है डॉयमंड। 

अब स्वजनों के फूल बीनने के बाद उनकी राख को लेब में हीरे में बदला जा सकता है पहले ग्रेफाइट (कार्बन  का एक और अपरूप allotrop)और फिर ताप और दाब को बढ़ाकर स्मरणीय हीरा। कोई संयोजी नहीं मिलाया जाता मुर्दे की राख में न कोई मिश्र ,शुद्ध रासायनिक उत्पाद होगा यह रिमेंबरेंस डॉयमंड। 

कुछ पदार्थों को प्रकृति ने एक से ज्यादा रूपों में बने रहने की क्षमता दी है। यह रसायन शाश्त्र का कमाल है। पदार्थों की इसी क्षमता को अपरूपता या allotropy कहा जाता है। 

Italian man has son's remains turned into a 'remembrance 


Treviso - A Treviso man's 20-year-old son died in a car accident a few months ago and had already been buried. 

However, his father came up with a better idea.
He had his son's remains exhumed, then cremated and finally had his remains turned into a remembrance diamond.
Corriere del Veneto reports (in Italian) that the owner of a Treviso funeral parlor said the 55-year-old father had visited his parlor to make funeral arrangements for his mother.

At that time, the man found some marketing material for a Swiss company called Algordanza, who offer the bizarre service of transforming human remains into artificial diamonds. From their website, it can be seen that they offer this service in quite a few countries in the world.
Silvia Zanardo, one of the partners of the funeral company, said that they explained the idea to the father and he asked them to help him, which they then did.
The man asked not to be identified, reportedly, but did want others to be aware of the opportunity.

The funeral company then exhumed the son's remains and cremated them, as the first step in the transformation process. After an eight-month waiting period, the father has finally received the diamond.
Apparently Algordanza has been operating in Italy since 2009, creating the "remembrance diamonds."
Christina Sponza, a marketing representative for the company, explained how it works.

"The human body is formed in part by carbon, the same molecule that makes up the diamond."
"With the cremation process, you get the carbon graphite. In Switzerland, the graphite is then pressed and held in very high temperatures, which simulate the pressure under which real diamonds are formed."
"Finally, we deliver to relatives the diamond in a box, a sort of eternal funeral urn."

This is not a cheap process, as prices range from €3,500 to €13,000, depending on the dimensions of the finished diamond.
What do you think? Would you like to have a "remembrance diamond" of a loved one after their passing?

Italian dad turns son's remains into diamond

New York: In a first-of-its-kind case in Italy, a grieving father had his dead son eternally preserved by getting the 20-year-old's ashes transformed into a diamond.

The father had his son's body exhumed and cremated before sending the ashes off to Switzerland so they could be compressed into the gemstone.
The young son, killed in a car crash earlier this year, had already been buried in his hometown of Treviso, in northern Italy, when his 55-year-old dad came up with the idea.

'Remembrance diamonds' are created by filtering and refining the carbon found in cremated ashes, then secured in a chamber, where intense pressure and a temperature similar to that of a volcano are applied, creating a synthetic diamond, 'The Local' reported.
The process can cost as much as $18,000, according to 'New York Daily News'.
The father recently received the synthetic 'Remembrance Diamond' after an eight-month wait.
Algordanza is a young, aspiring, innovative Swiss enterprise headquartered in Chur, founded in 2004 and internationally active. Algordanza is simultaneously pioneer and visionary as it is offering a new kind of burial.Algordanza - the Rhaeto-Romanic expression for "remembrance" - attends the inspiring mission to transform unique diamonds out of the ashes of beloved deceased.
Algordanza's memorial diamonds are personified commemorations of a beloved person, a symbol of personal closeness, imperishability and love - the most personal and most beautiful way for the bereaved to bear the remembrance of a beloved person. 

Algordanza's memorial diamonds are absolutely unique and are solely generated from the cremation ashes handed over - without any additives and admixtures. Every production step is completely documented. The diamond will be passed on together with a certificate indicating the chemical analyses of the ashes.

Algordanza is growing and is already represented in many countries including: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, France (including Monaco and Andorra), the Czech Republic and Slovakia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Thailand. In Canada, Algordanza's collaboration is exclusively with Remembrance Diamonds Corporation. It is our collective goal to be present in all countries on all continents.


Italian dad turns son's remains into diamond

The father had his son's body exhumed and cremated before sending the ashes off to Switzerland so they could be compressed into the gemstone.

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