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Drinks Recipe: Pudina chai

Nothing beats cup of chai when you have to refresh yourself in a daily routine.
Tea is the most essential beverage most of us indulge into. Even as the temperature is rising, chai is not out of circulation. This chai recipe will not only refresh you but work wonders to your mood in summers. Here's the quick recipe:


- 1 cup milk - 1 and half cup water - 2 teaspoons tea leaves - 3 spoon sugar - 5-6 fresh mint leaves - 2-3 lemongrass leaves


1. In a tea pan, boil water and add tea leaves, mint leaves, lemon grass and sugar. Allow it to boil.
2. Now, add hot milk to it. Bring it to boil but, ensure the chai to brew at a medium flame and not high flame. It will help the mint flavour infuse properly in your chai.
3. Strain the tea in two cups and serve it with your favourite tea time snacks or cookies.

Drinks Recipe: Pudina chai

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