गुरुवार, 11 अगस्त 2016

To Be Or Not To Be

Your presence may value the presence of someone ;who may or may not matter to you .This aspect of your life  so wonderful ,so much of life ,when your life is being valued by others .

On the contrary your life has no value for the person whom you value the most .So all of us living in a self created mirage .

Ready to see what we want to see .On the above we spend all our lives in making others to see what we visualize .

Is this show of  our strength ,power ?No mere act of cowardice .To keep ourselves shrouded by the cloth of ego ,'I' -ness .

To feel happy and winners in making others crying .

This act is  not conducted by illiterate ones or the ones who has  no access to net world .

This achievement is scored by the ones who are the authority ,by the ones who move around with loaded daggers(Pistols ) in their wallets .

Is this what education teach us? To pull others down so that we can climb ,Crab mentality .Are we human beings or animals .

This is a fact .

How much good an animal does .

God will never transform the creature into human being .

But we human beings do such conduct that we on our own get transformed into animals .

This is a plight .Living in jingles (jungles) surrounded by animals known as humans .

As humans we should all possess one quality that is to empathize with others .But we know only to sympathize and pity the situation .

We are ready to criticize and ready with suggestions.But will never try to stand in other person's position and feel the pain .Why can't we feel the pain ; when God has blessed us with the power to feel .Why we fail here ?

Is it necessary we feel the same pain only when we have our hurt .Can not visualize darkness until everything around us is dark ?

We make friends with ones who have the same frequencies as we have .Friends are the best part of our lives ,so much so that we can not dream our lives without them .They are there with us through our thick and thin because we have chosen them .

But why this rule apply to all other relations which we have .

Why they do not understand us or simply we can't understand them .

A ridge is built instead of a bridge .This ridge widens and gets deep with passage of time.

Scholars say whatever we are going through ,this is because of our past KARMAS .They will not leave us ;we have to bear with them .Accept them with whole hearted smile through your sorrows and be happy that Lord is standing behind you .

You too support and protect .

So nice to hear .But ask a person who is standing in this situation .I know I am being too negative but it is true at some points of our lives we become too unbearable .

Our strength gives up we surrender to the situation .

Succumb to our destiny .

As it is said time heals everything your pains and sorrows too will vanish one day .But the scar always remain there .

Life is not an easy game .We are being chosen to live it because God trusted us .But what we are doing defaming his trust .Giving up .

Yes ,we very easily give up .We forget the real essence of our birth .Why we were born ?What is the reason behind this .

We start believing in the theory of KARMAS .We forget as humans we have the power to change the course of our destiny .

We stop practicing ,stop working only wait what it will happen on its own .

So never let anyone to reign over you .

You will be transformed into a slave ,lose your real identity .

Love can give you power and can take it away from you .

So always keep that power in your hand .

Note :This is a piece of writing -cum personal address to a friend -cum fatherly personality .

कहूँ कि वह कोई और नहीं मेरी मानस पुत्री है तो अतिशयोक्ति न होगी सच होगा। अक्सर हम खुद से ही बातें करते रहते हैं मन की जुबान कचर कचर चलती रहती है। नाटक के एक पात्र से हम खुद से ही बतियाते रहते हैं।

लिखना अन्वेषण हैं खुद से मुलाकात है। एनाल्जेसिक है लिखना ,दर्द -निवारक है लिखना।

माइसा !(मायशा ,माइशा ?),ये सही परिचय है नुपूर माथुर मेरी मानस पुत्री का ,तुमसे -ता -आरुफ़ करवाया है उसकी  लेखनी का तुम खुद भी तो लिखती हो। चाहो तो मिल सकती हो मेरे तैं ,मेरी ख़ुशी के लिए एक बेटी दूसरी से मिले।

जयश्रीकृष्ण !मेरे लिए फख्र की बात होगी परस्पर एक सम्वाद चले।

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