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Just want to share a story with u

Just want to share a story with u
Once there was a man,he wanted to test the presence of God.. He went to the temple., bow down. Join his hands and asked God to grant his wishes. He asked God for a flower and a butterfly. He was very confident and sure that that he would be fullfilled. As he opened his eyes, what he saw was out of his imagination. There was a cactus plant and a caterpillar.
He doubted on the presence of God, mocked on people who worshiped lord. He was angry n disappointed that he threw both the things in the backyard of his garden. As time passed, he happened to go the backyard of the garden. For some time he could not believe his eyes. There he saw a beautiful flower grown frm the cactus and a beautiful butterfly has metamorphised frm the caterpillar. He had no words, he was stuuned to see the miracle of God. His wish was bestowed by God, but in a different manner.
That man was cinfident and sure that God will grant his wish. Bt had no faith. Its the faith that will lead us to God Our faith swings at the time of adversity. We put God on test. This is the very basic nature of human beings. Our faith is like pendulum, keeps on swinging to n fro. God has his own calender. He has kept everything fr all of us So hold on ur faith do nt allow it to swing.
If I cant stand in drought, I cant ask fr rains To believe that God is our secret friend who may not be their on our victories, but of sure he will carry us in his hands when we are abt to fall.
Faith in God is trusting yourself. This trust will lead us to God.
If God has brought us to the edge, he will either gives us wings or hod oyr hand.
So let us all worship God our lord to whole heart. Stand by his side holding hands

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