गुरुवार, 3 मार्च 2016

लेकिन कांग्रेस को तो अपने प्रवक्ता भी चुनने नहीं आते। इतने वरिष्ठ नेता चुपचाप सब कुछ का ठीकरा राहुल गांधी पर फोड़ गए। जैसे कांग्रेस की अब तक की तमाम मूर्खताओं के लिए सिर्फ और सिर्फ राहुल गांधी ही जिम्मेवार हैं।


राशिद अल्वी साहब ने जो कहा वह सारी दुनिया ने सुना 

राष्ट्रपति के अभिभाषण पर धन्यावाद प्रस्ताव के रूप में बोलते हुए मोदी जी ने जो कुछ भी कहा वह व्यंजना शैली में था ,निर्वैयक्तिक ,व्यंजनात्मक था।  किसी का नाम लिए वगैर ही कहा गया था । जहां जहां उन्होंने नाम लिया वहां वहां उस व्यक्ति की तारीफ़ ज़रूर की।  

लेकिन कांग्रेस को तो अपने प्रवक्ता भी चुनने नहीं आते। इतने वरिष्ठ नेता चुपचाप सब कुछ का ठीकरा राहुल गांधी पर फोड़ गए। जैसे कांग्रेस की अब तक की तमाम मूर्खताओं के लिए सिर्फ और सिर्फ राहुल गांधी ही जिम्मेवार हैं। 

हिन्दुतान के बाहर की तो बात ही क्या हिन्दुस्तान में भी कम ही लोग मोदी का इशारा समझे होंगें ,कितने लोग हैं जो उस लक्षित ,इंगित मतिमंद ,अबुद्ध को जानते हैं ? 

लेकिन ज़नाब राशिद  अल्वी के जबान खोलने के बाद अब सारी  दुनिया जान गई  कि कांग्रेस के तमाम किये के लिए राहुल ही दोषी हैं। ये राहुल के साथ सरासर ज्यादती है। अल्वी साहब की।

हम इसका विरोध करते हैं।   ये शहजादे के साथ ज्यादती है। 

PM Narendra Modi Quotes 

Rajiv Gandhi On Parliament 

Disruptions: Highlights

NEW DELHI:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the Parliament today to give the vote of thanks to the President's speech on the opening day of the budget session.

Here are the highlights
  • I want to thank President for expressing in detail India's pride and strides in development to the world
  • Many members have shared their experience in the House, Mallikarjun Kharge, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Saugata Roy, Rahul Gandhi, Asaduddin Owaisi and and many more.
  • I want to thank the Speaker because in the President address, he mentioned how the Parliament should function
  • We should listen to advice of seniors and follow it as well. Speaker has taken new initiatives that will help bring qualitative change
  • Speaker has called for an all-party conference on elected women members from assemblies and Parliament and I congratulate you.
  • President said that there should be debate in the House.
  • The country is disturbed and disappointed over what we are witnessing in the House in the past few days
  • Treasury benches don't suffer as much as the country
  • Lawmakers suffer the most as they are not able to raise voice of the people in the House
  • Parliament is a forum where ideas are shared and stinging replies are given, questions are asked (PM quotes former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi)
  • Government has to defend and give their version. During discussion, no one is spared, and one shouldn't expect otherwise
  • But if the House maintains decorum we will be able to put our point of view in a better manner. This is not sermon from Narendra Modi but from Rajiv Gandhi
  • We should listen to our elders. Parliament disruption is totally counter-productive
  • Unfortunately political parties feel disruption or adjournment will help in highlighting the issue
  • During the din, some Bills were passed due to you (Speaker)
  • Government want to bring a scheme to harness water- Waterway Bills,
    Whistle-blowers Protection Bill- there's no logic to oppose it.
  • GST bill- we are hearing since yesterday that this is ours (Dig at Congress). Consumer Protection Bill has been stopped
  • March 8 is International Women's Day. Can we decide that only women members speak on that day
  • Similarly can we during the year in one or two session- choose a week in which first timer members are allowed to speak
  • Not because I am a first timer, but we need fresh ideas
  • Our primary education is a matter of concern. If we don't pay attention to our children, what will happen
  • Water is a matter of great social responsibility
  • Justice delayed is justice denied, cases are pendent in lower courts.
    Can we think of solutions?
  • Let us decide the issues and circulate papers months in advance
  • Can all members sit an extra day on Saturday during a session and have a debate on India's role in global scenario. No politics, only nationalism and humanity
  • Why isn't the House allowed to run, not because of anger against government, but because of inferiority complex
  • Because in Opposition there are many deserving members, but if the House runs they will get an opportunity to talk. But we couldn't gain anything out of their knowledge in the last two sessions
  • The fun is being made of of Make in India. We should be given suggestions. Why do we want to portray the image of India as if we have a begging bowl in our hands
  • When we ourselves say this, other will say the same thing more loudly and strongly
  • I am not saying this, former prime minister Indira Gandhi said this in her speech in 1974 at Indraprastha College
  • What scheme to bring, what not to bring, there are some members in the House, some people learn with age but some don't
  • Whenever we get some scheme, we are told that this is from our time... We started a campaign to build toilets in school...You are right... We made the 4 lakh toilets
  • After so many decades, we solved Bangladesh territorial dispute.
  • 18,000 villages after so many years of independence were living in darkness. If we bring electricity to them you can say proudly that Modi Ji this  is our contribution
  • MNREGA is discussed - The history is 50 years old, but before that during the time of princely states same thing used to happen- 1972 Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme, 1980 National Rural Employment Programme, 1983 Rural landless Employment Guarantee Programme. There were many forms, rebirths.
  • Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, this is the name of MNREGA in its previous birth. I am surprised you removed Jawaharlal Nehru's name
  • For welfare of poor, many schemes have been going on. You can say proudly... Modiji while giving speech during elections you said, we will remove poverty, but you don't know who We are... We have made roots of poverty so strong that you will get rooted out but poverty will not
  • If we had managed to remove poverty in the past 60 years, then the poor would not have to carry mud on their heads. It is not a sign of success
  • We have brought the country to such a level that even the skilled labour is happy being an unskilled labour
  • The current scheme, the shortcomings in it, we are trying to improve it. Kharge Ji said there is a lot of corruption in MGNREGA...I agree with you... Look at 2012 CAG report
  • We are trying to learn and make the scheme foolproof and help the needy
  • The states which we consider poor, where poor are larger in numbers, where poor are less in numbers and administration is better...such states have used the maximum of MGNREGA.
  • But where the scheme is needed most, it is used the least. So we need to perfect the scheme so that the states which are actually poor
    can take benefit of it
  • Jan Dhan Aadhaar and Mobile to reach the poor. CAG said that after 7 years, there are 5 states who have not made rules, four are which keep singing praises for MGNREGA, they didn't even make rules
  • Target of 100 days could never be achieved without changing rules.
  • New structure is targeted, for more days of employment, middlemen gone, better use of money and audit facilities. We are happy that now money goes directly into bank accounts of the people
  • There should be no jealousy factor. The concern is that how can they perform better than us. What we couldn't do in 60 years, how are you managing to do it better than us
  • I call on experts for a comparative study of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) and MGNREGA. Analysis will show PMGSY helped poor states the most

PM Narendra Modi Quotes Rajiv Gandhi On Parliament Disruptions: Highlights

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