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भज गोविन्दम भज गोविन्दम ,गोविन्दम भज मूढ़ मते :भावार्थ सहित

"Bhaja Govindam" || With Lyrics || Krishna Bhajans ( Full Song )

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"Bhaja Govindam" "Krishna Bhajans" "Lyrics Video" Srimad Adi Shankaracharya Bhagavadpada has composed the Bhaja ...
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भज  गोविन्दम भज गोविन्दम ,गोविन्दम भज मूढ़ मते :भावार्थ सहित

Worship govindam oh fool !

seek him when the hr of death approaches ,the formula of grammer will not save you .

O fool get rid to amass wealth now .Get rid of vain desires.

Fill the mind with noble  thoughts .Be content with what comes with  through actions of the past .

As long as you have the ability to earn and save ,your dependents are attached to you .

When you totter with an old , infirm body ,No one at home cares to speak a word with you .

Take no pride in the possessions in the people at your command or in your youth .Time loots away all these in a moment .

Free yourself from the illusion of the world of Maya and attain the timeless truth .

Sheltering in temples ,under the trees ,wearing a dear skin and sleeping on the naked ground .

Thus renouncing all ideas of possessions and attachment.. to whom this passion will not give  happiness .

Lat a man read little from Bhagvad gita and just drink a drop of water from the Ganga and worship Murari just once, to him there is no quarrel with Lord Yama (God of death ).

Birth again ,and death again and birth again,

This process of Sansara is very hard to cross over .Save me O Murari through infinite kindness .

Recite from the Gita meditate on Lord Vishnu in yr heart and chant His thousand glories .

Take delight to be with the noble and kind ,distribute yr wealth in charity to the poor and needy .

Wealth is not welfare .Truely there is no joy in it .Reflect on this at all times .
A rich man fears even  his own  son .This is the way of wealth everywhere .

O devoted dicipile of Guru May thou be free from Sansara .

Through disciplined senses and controlled mind you shall come to experience the Lord that  dwells in your own heart .

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