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हरामज़ादे /हरामजादों का पर्यायवाची न तो कांग्रेसी शब्द है न विपक्ष


According to the 

opposition parties, 


Jyoti's attempt to 

divide society into 


and "Haramzadas" 

was meant to 

promote enmity 




is an ingredient of 

Section 153A.

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, sworn in last month as minister of state, had used an expletive at a public meeting as she said, "People of Delhi have to decide if they want a government of Ramzaadon (followers of Ram) or a government of those who are illegitimate."

She later said her statement was "for those who don't believe in Ram and in unified India." The minister said, "In this country, whether it is Christians or Muslims, all are sons of Ram. Those who don't accept it don't believe in the country."

Opposition parties said an apology is not enough. They demanded that Mr Modi remove his minister and that criminal charges be framed against her. "We have made it absolutely clear. We cannot accept the situation where the minister lowers the dignity of the government," said the Congress' Anand Sharma.

CPM leader Sitaram Yechury accused Ms Jyoti of breaking the law by "committed offence under Section 153 of the Indian Penal Code which is creating communal divide amongst different groups." He also said, "She has committed an offence...and till an investigation is over, she can't remain a minister. Her apology is an admission of her crime."

In the Rajya Sabha, Mr Yechury sparred with Finance Minister and leader of house Arun Jaitley, who said, "The comments are improper and unacceptable," but also added that the minister had withdrawn her words and the matter must end in the house.

Talking to reporters, Ms Sadhvi said her comments must not be assigned communal overtones. She also emphasised that she had apologised in both Houses of Parliament and asked, "what else can I do?"

Mr Yechury and other opposition leaders have indicated that they will continue to disrupt proceedings over their demand for action against the minister. After repeated adjournments, Rajya Sabha was adjournmed for the day around 2 pm.

Ms Jyoti's apology in Parliament came not long after a sharp warning from PM Modi. "Don't address the nation. There will be no compromise on this," he cautioned party MPs in the morning, without taking names.

The 47-year-old saffron-robed Niranjan Jyoti is the junior minister for food processing. Known for her religious discourses, the Sadhvi is a first-time MP from Uttar Pradesh and among the six BJP MPs drafted into the party's campaign for the Delhi polls due early next year.

Which law did 

Sadhvi Niranjan 

Jyoti break?

NEW DELHI: The criminal action demanded by opposition ranks against minister of state Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti relates to the hate speech provision, Section 153A of the Indian Penal Code, which prescribes a maximum sentence of three years of imprisonment. 

Nobody can however be charged under this section without the government's sanction. Since hate speech is widely recognized as an exception to the freedom of speech, Section 153A holds to account anybody "promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion ... and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony". 

Despite the impunity for hate speech in India, this provision often figures in political discourse, especially in the run-up to elections, as it did in the Sadhvi's case in Delhi. The most prominent hate speech cases in the recent past have been against Akbaruddin Owaisi, Raj Thackeray and Varun Gandhi. 

What we are to say ?

The truth is one ,with respect to the conditioning it appears to be many .With the conditioning of the

Panch Koshas (Pran ,Apan ,Udan ,Vyan ,Saman )and three bodies (The Gross body ,the subtle body

and the causal body ),it is called Jeeva .

With the potentiality of Maya the same truth is called the Supreme reality (Ishwara ,Parmeshvar

,Yishu ,Yahova ,Allah ,ॐ एकहू ओंकार ,Ram ,Rahim ,etc ).

The same reality ,the same truth wrt the Names and Forms is called  as the World (Jagat ,The

Universe ).

Remove the names and forms the world will disappear .

Masses are controlled by religion .In religion there is no God .In philosophy there is no wisdom

.Where God and  wisdom co-exist is Spirituality .

Religion is a belief system .There are as many religions in the world as are there beliefs .

When marriage solemnize Panditji /Maulvi/Priest declares to the spouce now you are one .

Post marriage they ask which "one ".

All religions say God is one .But which one ,your God or mine ?

The same question is asked by the so called religious preachers .They create fear and guilt in the

minds of the masses which acts as two switches to control the masses .With guilt in your mind you

will always be leading a fearful life .

Sadhvi says leave the country if you do not follow Ram .

एक बात और :

भाषा का अपना फलागम  होता है। जैसे  हम कहते हैं रोटी -वोटी ,चाय -पानी ,चाय -वाय (चाय -चूय ).शब्द की अपनी अर्थच्छटाएं होतीं हैं। भाषा का अपरूप (अशिष्ट भाषा ,गँवारू बोली ,slang )भी होता है। हमारा मानना है हरामज़ादे /हरामजादों का पर्यायवाची न तो कांग्रेसी शब्द है न विपक्ष। यदि है तो यह टिप्पणीकार संसद से माफ़ी मांग लेगा वरना संसद को चलने दिया जाए।

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