शनिवार, 23 जून 2018

Yes the immune system rejects white sugar

Today my Samdhin served me a cup of tea with sugar added to it .

मेरी सुप्रिय समधिन ,मेरी बेटी की सासु-माँ  ने मुझे एक कप चाय बनाकर दी। इसमें चीनी डाली गई थी। मैं गत लगभग छ: सात बरसों से गुड़ या गुड़ की छोटी बहनिया शक्कर का ही इस्तेमाल करता रहा हूँ चाय और दूध के साथ।चीनी वाली चाय पीकर में असहज हो गया।गलती मेरी थी मैं उन्हें बताना भूल गया मेरी चाय फीकी बनाएं ,मैं चाय में बस थोड़ी सी ब्राउन शुगर मिला लेता हूँ। चीनी वाली चाय पीकर  जी घबराने लगा। मैं लगभग जबरिया (जबरिया इसलिए अभी जेट लेग चल रहा है कल ही दिल्ली से मिशिगन  राज्य के केंटन नगर में पहुंचा हूँ ,अपनी बेटी के घर।)घूमने निकल गया।

My immune system takes sugar as a foriegn body and reacts and rejects it .I was uneasy for about an hr ,I took a long walk till such times that I was  i perspired profusely .Back home I took shower got settled.

It was a second sugar episode .The first one was an yr ago at INS Sanjivini (Hospital at Indian naval academi ,Ezimala (एषिमला ) in Cannur district of Kerala .I had undergone a Hernio-plasty (repair of Inguinal Hernia )here .Post my surgery the first drink was a cup of tea drained with sugar (too much of it ).I sipped it and was restive till such time the surgeon visited me and  I vomited all liquid under a reflex action .The surgeon was nervous .I consoled him and assured him it was not an heart attack but a reaction to sugar shown by my immune system as a result of a sugary drink with little tea leaves and milk .I take sustenance doze of medicines  post my coronary artery bypass grafting in 2006.

I renounced smoking in the yr 1989 and all alcohol containing drinks in 2012 .Today I can not with stand even the opening of a bottle of rum whisky and or bear .I leave that place .Secondary smoke  from a burning cigarette even from a distance hurts .

Immune system reacts to alcohol molecules  evaporating from a drink .

With modified life style I am enjoying my healthy days when I am 72 yrs old . 

Today I am a strict vegetarian and  a  tee-to.tal.er .


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