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The rigorous God -fearing Jewish philosophy of an "eye for an eye "and a "tooth for a tooth " is ,after all ,based upon the unalterable inevitability of this ancient Law of God .(KARMA AND REINCARNATION ).

Christianity introduced a deeper sense of compassion and love , the hallmark of that great Avatar ,whom we call Jesus .

Nevertheless ,the new Testament expresses  , on several occasions , this ancient and irrevocable Law .St.Paul ,in his Epistle to the Galatians ,stated :"Whatever a man soweth , shall he be also reap ."
ईसामसीह द्वारा ईसाई मत के प्रचार के लिए नियुक्त बारह शिष्यों में से एक संत पाल ने अपने एक पत्र में ये मशहूर उदगार व्यक्त किये -तुम जैसा बोवेगे वैसा ही काटोगे। 

गलाटियन्स यहां एक चर्च है जो 'गलतिअ' में स्थित रहा है।

जो तोकु काँटा बुवे ,वाही को बोवे  तू फूल ,

तोकु फूल के फूल हैं ,वाकु हैं तिरशूल। इसी भाव का विस्तार देखिये :

Revelations ,chapter 13 ,verse 10 (New Testament ):

"He that leadeth into captivity ,shall go into captivity ;he that killeth with the sword , must be killed with the sword."

भागवदपुराण में एक किस्सा है :बकरा कसाई से कहता है भैया कित्ती बार आपने मुझे ज़िबह कर लिया और कितनी ही बार मैंने भी ऐसा ही क्या अब क्यों न ये सिलसिला बंद हो। जाओ मैंने तुम्हें मुआफ किया। 

The great Christian father Origen , also taught Karma and Reincarnation .

But all this was removed from the Christian teachings at a synod in Constantinople in 543 AD,where the emperor Justinian condemned the teachings of Origen and struk the concept of rebirth out of the Chritian teachings  for he feared that he and the Church would lose power if man realized that he was responsible for his own destiny .

This move ,which went against the whole essence of Christianity and in fact all religious teachings has left millions of people in ignorance ever since ,many believing instead in the incomplete concept of heaven and hell ,as still pronounced by many of the Christian clergy today .

Many believe that this move by the Emperor Justinian ,combined with the ensuing years when many reincarnationists were put to death by the Church ,gave stupendous power to the materialism so virulent and  prevalent today .

Pl note :Synod is a special  council of church that holds regular meetings to discus religious issues.  

हम अपना भाग्य लेख खुद ही लिखते हैं कोई और नहीं ,हमारा  वर्त्तमान में स्वभाव संस्कार हमारे पूर्वजन्म के कर्मफल का ही परिणाम  है। 

Reference :Chrissie Blaze is an international speaker ,she speaks on Karma and Reincarnation on Friday November17 ,2017 .She is ordained priest in The Aetherius Society.



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