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How is Eye Cancer Diagnosed?

An Ocular Oncologist (an eye cancer specialist )can determine if 

you have an eye cancer by performing a 

complete clinical examination .The examination may include asking

 questions about your medical history ,examining both eyes ,looking 

into the eye at the tumor ,doing an ultrasound examination ,and 

obtaining specialized photographs.

Biopsy is often indicated to diagnose tumors involving soft tissue 

structures around the eye.

What is the Treatment of Eye Cancer ?

Your doctor will recommend treatment based on your medical 

history and the findings from the eye examination .Many options 

are now available to deal with eye cancers .

Surgery in eye and periocular (eye area)tumors is performed to 


diagnosis ,remove the tumor in toto or sometimes to debulk the 

disease so that other modalities mentioned below can become 

useful .

Debulk the tumor :

Surgical removal of as much of a tumor as possible. Tumor 

debulking may increase the chance that 

chemotherapy or radiation therapy will kill all the tumor 


(1)Chemotherapy is the treatment of disease by means of 

drugs that have a specific toxic effect upon the cancer cells .

Chemotherapy selectively destroy cancerous tissue.

(2)Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures to treat 


Cryotherapy is applied under local anesthesia .The goal of 

Cryotherapy is to freeze the cancer cells and cause their 


(3) Radiation Therapy uses high-energy radiation from x -

rays and other sources to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors .
Radiation that comes from a machine outside the body is 

called extended -beam 

radiation therapy as opposed to radiation that is administered by placing a radiation plaque over or very near the tumor (Internal Radiation Therapy or Brachytherapy ).External beam radiation therapy may be recommended for some lymphomas and orbital tumors .Radiation plaque therapy is recommended for Retinoblastoma or Choroidal Melanomas.



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