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जाट थारा बाप

Jat stir :Mobs targeted and pillaged Schools

Books Were burnt ,Facilities Destroyed (Avijit.Ghosh@timesgroup.com)/TOI ,City edition ,Kozhikode,P10

Rohtak :With every window smashed and covered in black soot ,Scholars Rosary school looks like one of those ravaged buildings that typify any war scarred city's landscape.The charred school bus on the lawn adds to the poignancy .But ,that's just the trailer.

            Inside the school resembles a madman's playground .Every computer has been physically destroyed .In the music room ,the harmonium and the key board have morphed into congealed carbon .Books  in the library have been reduced to a heap of ash ; many still defiant retaining their shapes .

          Ironically the maruders took pains to carry a statue of Goddess Sarsawati out of the bldg even as they went about wrecking the seat of the learning .Walking out of the compound ,one saw graffiti on uprooted security cabin :Jat thaara baap (Jat is your dad ).

The attack on the school ,about 5km  from Rohatak on Sonipat Road ,alma mater to over 2,500 students ,probably marks a new low in the politics of violent agitation in India ; school are generally spared by protesters .But ,during this Jat stir for reservation ,several schools on the outskirts of Rohtak -on Delhi Road ,Sonipat Road and Gohana Road -were plundered with fury that has baffled all .

Even MR  DAV Institute ,a school for the mentally challenged ,was not spared .At least three other schools reported damages and losses other than Indus Public, John Wesley Convent and SD Public Schools .

जाट थारा बाप 

सरस्वती की प्रतिमा को  छोड़ गए उसके मंदिर को जला गए ये कथित जाट।

बतला दें आपको -भीड़ का न कोई चेहरा होता न जात।भीड़ एक विवेकहीन उन्माद का नाम है। भीड़ इम्पर्सनल होती है सगुण होते भी निर्गुण ,मूर्त होते भी अमूर्त।दंगई और बलवाई होती है भीड़।

Jat stir: Railways remains soft target

image: http://cms.thestatesman.com/cms/gall_content/2016/2/2016_2$largeimg26_Feb_2016_034347070.jpg
Representational image (Photo: Getty Images)
Read more at http://www.thestatesman.com/news/delhi/jat-stir-railways-remains-soft-target/126133.html#W5ixtYpOLKhAtAFE.99


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